Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed with the well-being of our environment

We are concerned about the social, economic and environmental situation of our stakeholders. That is why we assume a sustainable vision of our activity which is reflected in four main commitments:
Commitment with the environment
We positively contribute to preserving the natural heritage that we share with the society developing programmes and actions with the aim of minimising the impact of our activities:
  • Our In House Plants service minimises by more than 90% the impact of activities such as the transport and packaging of the containers.
  • The reduction in the weight of our products enables significantly decreasing the consumption of raw materials which are finite resources.
  • We introduce recycled material into our production processes.
Commitment with Technological Innovation
We seek solutions that ensure a more sustainable future for us all, dedicating most of our efforts to:
  • Optimising the production processes.
  • Experimenting with new biodegradable materials that enable significant savings in the consumption of oil-based derivatives, which is a limited resource.
Commitment with quality
Every year we place on the market 260 million containers an 1,450 million preforms, all certified with ISO 9001 standard and BRC which guarantees that Caiba's products meet all the technical specifications and maintain the most stringent safety and quality standards.
Commitment with the personal and professional development of the employees.
We are committed with the personal and professional development of our team and strive to create a healthy work environment and to offer opportunities that enable us to do our job better.


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