Over six decades innovating for safe consumption and a sustainable planet

In 1967 we put the first PET packaging for food on the market.

Since then, we have been researching and innovating to put the safest and most sustainable packaging on the market.

A work method that guides our history

No matter how much times have evolved and technology has transformed, though teams have changed and our shareholders have transformed, CAIBA’s spirit will always be based on these principles.

Garantizar la seguridad
Guaranteeing safety
Thanks to our packaging, the Spain of the 1960s was able to overcome the conventional concept of packaging and solve many hygiene issues. Safety has guided us since then.
Trabajar junto al cliente
Working alongside the client
The installation of in-house plants is the best formula for our clients to be able to reduce costs and save emissions to the planet. It is also a way to have their packaging on the filling line at the pace required, just-in-time.
Investigar sin descanso
Relentless research
For years, we have been working closely with high impact national and European entities in order to improve the packaging we manufacture. Our goal is to guarantee safety and increase sustainability.
Reducir el desperdicio
Reduce waste
We know that packaging is a key element so that products of all types can be conserved for longer. This is why our research is focused on protecting products and making sure the resources don't go to waste.
Integrar el ecodiseño
Integrating eco-design
The discipline that invited us to reconsider the product from its design phase has allowed us to reduce the average weight of our packaging by 10% in recent years and also to save a large amount of resources for the planet.
Promover la economía circular
Promoting circular economy
We know that the issue with environmental sustainability is not in the plastic material but in the way that it is managed at the end of its useful life. This is why we promote the reuse of packaging: because they are resources, not waste.

Trust in Caiba translates to a market share of over 30%.

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Our history
Our history
Our history
Innovation maintained over time in order to become a leading company in the sector
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Executive team
Executive team
Executive team
Leading towards a sustainable future while overcoming the challenges of the present