Commitment to people

We create a working environment that helps people to grow both professionally and personally.

We know that only a cohesive team can bring a company to leading positions. This is why our company works hard to promote a positive work environment, where each person feels safe, stable and sufficiently challenged.

We focus on stable employment

For our company, it is important to rely on a solid, cohesive and stable team. People who have committed to the brand, willing to improve every day and contribute good ideas. This is why we have a stable workforce, where 95% of employees have permanent contracts and where rotation is minimal.

Not just words
People employed at our centers:
Average permanent contracts:
Women hired in recent years:
Personal and professional balance

Whenever the work organisation allows, we aim for our schedule to be flexible to facilitate family management for our entire workforce.

We also encourage both men and women to enjoy their maternity and paternity leave. We know that, when they come back, their motivation has grown; just like their professional satisfaction.

Permanent training

Because research never stops, our work team is constantly training. This is the only way to expand our culture of personal and food safety and continue improving in order to satisfy the needs of our clients and consumer families

Join the team

Regularly incorporating talent is one of the mechanisms that has brought our company to its current leading position. Do you want to join CAIBA?