We promote innovation to create the conscious, safe and sustainable packaging for the future


Since the beginning of our journey, we have been committed to innovation.

However, at this point, looking towards the future is even more important:

We must continue to maintain safety while also assuming our responsibility to the planet.

Researching for sustainability

We work with the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics of new materials that allow us to create safe, quality packaging, to bring food, personal hygiene, cosmetics and household cleaning products to millions of families in a hygienic way.

Cien por cien reciclados
One hundred percent recycled

In this line of research, we study innovative materials from 100% post-consumption plastics. Our goal is to make sure that the polymers from previously used packaging has the quality required for food use.

Biodegradables y seguros
Biodegradable and safe

We also study the manufacture of packaging made with polymers of organic origin and which are also biodegradable. This line is particularly promising, as it contemplates both medium and long term, and will help to limit the use of crude oil.

Innovation is part of our DNA

We were pioneers in the use of PET

The safest plastic and one of the most recyclable plastics that exist.

We started to apply additives that can absorb ultraviolet rays

for the conservation of olive oil in the packaging.

We are leaders in the incorporation of the principles of eco-design

placing the focus on reducing the amount of material used and on reuse.

We include vision-inspection technology

to keep unwanted colours from the PET and rPET packaging.

Innovation is the response to specific needs. What does your company need?

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We work connected

We combine our research and innovation efforts with other companies and institutions. We are partners of Anaip, Aimplas, Ainia and Anep.

Circular Plastics Alliance

We are also involved in the CPA (Circular Plastics Alliance), a work group in which 245 public and private entities from the chain of value of plastics in the European Union participate.